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We create new and optimize existing websites with SEO, content marketing, and conversion optimization.

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Andy Zenkevich

“We commit to a data-driven, results-oriented approach in every campaign.”

Andy Zenkevich, Co-founder & CEO

Trusted by companies around the world

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  • Agile Dream Team
  • Keller williams
  • Optessa
  • Riverbend
  • Global strategic management institute
  • 1stCapital
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We grow traffic, leads, and conversions. Here’s how.

It all starts with a digital audit to uncover the strengths and weaknesses of your existing online presence. Based on what we find, we build a marketing strategy, purpose-built to get results. Then, we keep going with the marketing services that are tied to your business goals, including…

Why businesses choose epiic marketing services

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    Focus on measurable growth in traffic, leads, and conversions

  • Price

    Transparent pricing, process, and reporting

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    Proven track record of success


We’re committed to helping you achieve serious growth

Our 4-step process for generating revenue-boosting results.


    As your online marketing partner, we want to know about your goals, challenges, and target audience. We use this information to create a digital marketing strategy that drives growth.

    Based on what we learn from the audit, competitor research, and industry insights, we build a custom strategy that will deliver a high ROI for your business.

    Armed with a clear roadmap, we begin implementation, focusing on the marketing services that will generate the biggest impact.

    After the launch, we track the data, monitor performance, and create solutions to optimize your campaigns. This is an ongoing process we use to continually generate better and better results, leading to more growth.

Get a marketing strategy that works hard for your business

Valued at $695
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Who we serve

  • Businesses


    We work with businesses from all walks of life. From professional services to real estate, we’ve got your back.

  • Ecommerce


    Use Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, or another popular platform? Our experts provide custom solutions to help our ecommerce customers grow.

  • Startups


    We understand startup pains. We deliver custom strategies for rapid growth.

  • Agencies


    Since 2012 we have been a trusted partner for our agency clients, delivering our services through a white label platform.

We work with businesses in every industry

  • Food & beverage
  • Chemicals
  • Fashion & apparel
  • Biotechnology
  • Utilities (Electricity, Water)
  • Consumer goods
  • Gaming & leisure
  • Textiles
  • Cosmetics & personal care
  • Luxury goods
  • Security
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Logistics & transportation
  • Investment funds
  • Waste management
  • Retail shops
  • Delivery services
  • Sports & wellness
  • Oil & gas/energy sector
  • Food & beverage companies
  • Medical suppliers & service providers
  • Furniture & home furnishings
  • Environmental services

What our clients say about us

Stay ahead of the competition — request your free audit today.

You may still have some questions, so here’s the FAQ

  • What is a full-service agency?

    A full-service agency offers everything from a strategy to performance tracking. Rather than providing a one-off service or creating a single campaign, we do everything. We audit your online presence, develop a strategy tailored to your needs, goals, and customers, implement it, and offer recommendations for continuous improvement.
  • Why hire a full service agency?

    A full-service agency acts like a partner rather than a service-provider. At Epiic, we get to know you, you get to know us. We build a relationship so we can better understand your needs and how to help your business grow. You also can count on personalized account management, which means less time explaining what you’re looking for and more time enjoying being blown away by your marketing agency anticipating your needs.
  • How do I know if I need a marketing agency?

    It’s true, there’s a lot you can do in-house. However, if you aren’t getting results, you need help. Here’s how you know you need a marketing agency:
    • Your current marketing efforts aren't yielding your desired results.
    • You want to expand your reach and attract more customers.
    • You need a strategic approach to enhance brand visibility and reputation.
    • You're looking for innovative ideas and fresh perspectives to stay competitive in your industry.
    • You require assistance with specific marketing tasks or campaigns.
    • You're seeking to streamline and optimize your marketing efforts for better efficiency and effectiveness.
    • You lack the expertise or resources to effectively market your business.
    • Your marketing spend isn't leading to an increase in revenue.
  • Why are agencies better than freelancers?

    Agencies offer a broader range of expertise and resources that freelancers don’t have, allowing for more comprehensive and integrated marketing solutions. Additionally, agencies can scale resources more effectively to meet the needs of larger projects, providing greater flexibility and continuity of service.
  • How often will reports on the work completed be provided?

    We ensure transparent communication by providing regular updates. We offer a monthly report that includes all your key performance indicators as well as growth suggestions. You can expect to hear from us after each significant milestone, whether it involves drafting briefs or implementing minor website adjustments.
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