Transforming real estate marketing: Visual Marketing and Design’s success story

In the dynamic world of real estate marketing, staying ahead of the curve can be challenging. Megan Gow, the Operations Manager at Visual Marketing and Design, faced a significant challenge — scaling their operations efficiently while maintaining cost-effectiveness throughout the year.

When their demand for high-quality, scalable copywriting solutions became paramount, they sought a transformative partnership that could reshape their content strategy. Enter Epiic, the catalyst that revolutionized Visual Marketing and Design’s approach to content creation.

Megan Gow

Operations Manager, Visual Marketing and Design

They have been great to work with.

The Quest for Scalability and Efficiency

Past Struggles

Before Megan’s encounter with Epiic, Visual Marketing and Design faced challenges with in-house copywriting that hindered their efficiency and scalability.

Megan Gow elaborated on their previous experiences: “We were producing copywriting in-house, and it was inefficient.” The ever-fluctuating real estate market demanded agility and cost-effectiveness, making it imperative for Visual Marketing and Design to seek an alternative.

Discovering Epiic

The quest for a reliable partner led Megan to stumble upon Epiic through online research. The decision to give Epiic a try was driven by the hope of finding a partner who could not only meet their demanding requirements but also work seamlessly with their brochure platforms.

The Problem to Solve

Visual Marketing and Design faced the challenge of maintaining consistent quality and quick turnaround times while managing the ebb and flow of real estate market demands. They needed a solution that could adapt to their needs throughout the year.

Challenging Aspects

The most challenging aspects of their problem were the need for fast turnaround times and the seasonality of their workload. Spring brought a surge in brochures, while the winter months saw a significant decrease in demand.

Streamlined Content Creation

Visual Marketing and Design approached Epiic with their unique challenge, seeking a reliable partner to address their copywriting needs. The Epiic team understood the urgency of delivering high-quality content within the specified time frames.

Megan Gow explains,
“They were able to give us a team of copywriters when needed and complete the brochure within our set turnaround times.”

Unlike other service providers, Epiic was willing to align with Visual Marketing and Design’s existing brochure platforms, making the transition seamless.

A Testament to Success

While specific numbers are unavailable, Megan Gow affirmed Epiic’s positive impact on their business. Their ability to handle high-volume content production during the spring market and adapt to lower demand in the winter was crucial for Visual Marketing and Design’s success.
Megan Gow expresses her satisfaction with the results. The partnership with Epiic allowed Visual Marketing and Design to focus on their core strengths while leaving content creation in expert hands.

A Future of Collaboration:
A Resounding “Yes”

When asked about future collaboration, Megan Gow enthusiastically responded, “Yes.” Visual Marketing and Design intends to continue using Epiic’s services for their copywriting needs. Their positive experience has solidified Epiic as a trustworthy partner in their marketing journey.

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