AI’s role in marketing: essay for scholarship

AI plays a key role in modern marketing, from optimizing analytics to personalizing customer interactions. Epiic offers you a unique opportunity to receive a scholarship while studying how artificial intelligence is changing digital marketing.

Explore how AI impacts advertising, analytics, and customer interactions. Let’s together create the future of marketing starting today!

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Participant requirements



Education Level:

High school senior,
undergraduate, or graduate


2.7 or higher

Essay requirements

Word Count:



The essay should include an introduction, a main body (with arguments and thesis support), and a conclusion. Each section should logically follow the previous one and support the overall idea.

Language and style:

Clarity, logic, coherence, and grammatical correctness in expressing thoughts. The style should be academic yet engaging and accessible.

References and citations:

Mention the sources you rely on.

Essay topics

Marketing process automation

Discuss examples of automating marketing tasks using AI, such as content creation, managing ad campaigns, analyzing results, and optimizing strategies.

AI and SEO

Investigate how AI technologies, such as machine learning algorithms, aid in optimizing search engine optimization (SEO), enhancing website visibility in search engines.

Ethics and transparency in AI use in marketing

Consider ethical questions regarding data and AI use in marketing, including privacy issues, data protection, and the fair use of technology.

The future of AI in marketing

Forecast potential trends and opportunities emerging from the development of AI in marketing in the near future.


May 31, 2024

of Winner Date

June 15, 2024



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The process

Your essays will be reviewed by active professionals from Epiic’s marketing department. We look forward to receiving your submissions!

About Epiic

Our company assists businesses, agencies, and online stores in managing their daily marketing tasks. We are young and ambitious, and our team firmly believes that effective digital marketing can help businesses achieve their highest goals. We aim to support students studying digital marketing and are ready to consider your applications right now!

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