E-commerce assistants

Elevate your online store with a dedicated e-commerce assistant

What does an ecommerce assistant do?

An ecommerce assistant helps you manage your online storefront and scale your business. They are skilled in a wide range of tasks, from product listing management and customer service support to order processing and website maintenance.

Get an assistant for a fraction of the cost of hiring a full-time, in-house ecommerce manager. Hiring an online ecommerce assistant enables you to better allocate your resources and focus on growing your business.

What our e-commerce assistants can help you with:

Product management

  • Uploading new products to the website
  • Writing or editing product descriptions
  • Managing product images, ensuring they are of high quality
  • Setting and updating prices
  • Managing product variants like size, color, etc.
  • Monitoring inventory levels

Order processing

  • Overseeing order fulfillment and ensuring timely delivery
  • Managing returns and exchanges
  • Handling customer inquiries related to orders

Customer service

  • Answering customer emails or chat inquiries
  • Assisting customers with issues related to products, deliveries, or payments
  • Collecting and analyzing customer feedback

Marketing assistance

  • Assisting with email marketing campaigns
  • Managing or posting on social media platforms
  • Assisting with pay-per-click (PPC) advertising or search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Updating website banners or promotional materials

Data entry and management

  • Keeping databases updated, whether it’s customer data, product data, or order data
  • Analyzing sales data to report trends, bestsellers, or areas of improvement

Website maintenance

  • Ensuring all website content is up to date
  • Checking for broken links or website errors
  • Assisting with basic website design or layout adjustments

Supplier and inventory management

  • Liaising with suppliers or manufacturers
  • Placing orders with suppliers
  • Monitoring and updating inventory levels


  • Monitoring competitors for pricing, product offerings, and marketing tactics
  • Researching new product opportunities or market trends

Review management

  • Monitoring and responding to product reviews
  • Encouraging satisfied customers to leave positive reviews

Financial tasks

  • Assisting with bookkeeping or invoicing
  • Monitoring and managing expenses related to e-commerce operations

Technical support

  • Assisting with website technical issues
  • Coordinating with website hosting or platform providers for technical matters

Content creation

  • Assisting in creating blog posts or content related to products
  • Creating or sourcing graphics for promotions

Discover how an Epiic ecommerce assistant can unlock your business’s potential

How it works

Our e-commerce assistants work with:

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