Enhancing Efficiency and Quality: The Investing News Network’s success story

In the fast-paced world of finance, staying ahead of the curve is imperative. Investing News Network (INN) knows this all too well. As a trusted source of independent news and education for investors in over 40 targeted categories, they understand the importance of efficiency and reliability. But they faced a challenge — finding graphic designers who were both available and dependable at any given time, all while maintaining reasonable rates. This is where Epiic stepped in to redefine their online presence.

Pia Rivera

Publishing Director, Investing News Network

Everyone is extremely responsive — from the account manager to the designer.

Taming the Freelance Chaos

Pia had initially relied on multiple service providers for her design needs. When asked about her experience with these providers, she mentioned the arduous task of juggling freelancers. It was challenging to synchronize availability, meet deadlines, and ensure the quality of work. Finding reliable graphic designers at any given time was a constant struggle, and budget constraints made it all the more complicated.

Seeking a solution, Pia Rivera turned to the search engine giant Google, where she stumbled upon Epiic. She reached out and was promptly contacted by their first account manager. Impressed by the willingness of the Epiic team to help her understand the process and billing, Pia decided to try it. Little did she know that this decision would transform her workflow.

Here’s an example of design we crafted for Investing News Network:

The central problem she wanted to solve was finding reliable graphic designers available at any given time, all at reasonable rates. The hurdles were clear: availability and rates, particularly when the number of orders per month varied.

Crafting a Responsive Approach

Tailored Bundles and Packages

Epiic approached INN’s problem with a range of tailored bundles and packages. Pia Rivera found these offerings highly appealing, stating, “The bundles/packages offered were great, plus the flexibility to change them if business was slow was awesome!” This allowed Investing News Network to maintain cost-efficiency without compromising on the quality of their designs.

Lightning-Fast and Accurate

One of Epiic’s standout features was their remarkable speed and accuracy. The entire team, from the account manager to the designers, displayed exceptional responsiveness and an effective communication system.

No Comparisons

When asked about advantages compared to other providers, Pia Rivera simply responded, “None, I have no other providers.” Epiic’s seamless service had eliminated the need to search elsewhere.

Hitting Targets Without Compromising Quality

Hitting Targets with Ease

Using Epiic allowed Investing News Network to achieve their target spending and budget without sacrificing the quality of their designs. Pia Rivera confirms, “Using Epiic has helped us hit our target spending/budget without sacrificing quality.”

Satisfaction Guaranteed

With a smile, Pia Rivera expresses her satisfaction with the results achieved through Epiic. The seamless collaboration and top-notch service left INN in no doubt about their choice.

Here’s an example of design we crafted for Investing News Network:

No Comparisons

When asked about advantages compared to other providers, Pia Rivera simply responded, “None, I have no other providers.”

A Future of Collaboration:
A Promising Partnership Ahead

When asked about future collaboration, Pia Rivera’s answer was clear, “Yes.” The success of their collaboration with Epiic has left no room for doubt. Investing News Network plans to continue using Epiic’s services in the future.

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