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In the digital era, physical connections are more important than ever. People want something
they can hold on to. Cue the business card – your tangible professional identity.

Why you need a business card:

  • It’s your chance to stand out from the crowd.
  • With well-designed calling cards, you’ll make a stronger impact.
  • You can spark interest with extra features like achievement lists or QR codes.

Get business cards for your industry

  • Architect
  • Artist
  • Attorney
  • Bookseller
  • Builder
  • Chef
  • Church
  • Cleaning service
  • Clothing & apparel
  • Counselor
  • Crafts
  • Career coach
  • DJ
  • Electrician
  • Engineer
  • Gaming design
  • Interior designer
  • Landscaping
  • Makeup Artist
  • Mortgage broker
  • Naturopath
  • Notary
  • Plumber
  • Real estate
  • Sommelier
  • Sports and wellness
  • Therapist
  • Wineries
  • Wedding planner
  • Yoga instructor

We design all types of business cards

  • types image 1


    Use abstract art
    to draw the eye

  • types image 2


    Level up your
    brand’s sophistication

  • types image 3


    Show off your
    luxe style

  • types image 4


    Let your text do
    the talking

  • types image 5


    Clean, simple, and
    always a favorite

  • types image 6


    Build a connection with
    nostalgic vibes

Not sure what design your cards should have?
Get inspired with genius design ideas for business cards!

Read a post

Business cards come in all shapes and sizes

  • come image 1


    You can’t go wrong
    with traditional

  • come image 2


    A fresh look that’s
    easy to read

  • come image 3


    Nothing says circle
    back like…a circle

  • come image 4


    Express your edgy
    side with an arc

  • come image 5

    Custom shape

    Make a splash
    with custom cards

What size do you want for your business card design?

Here are some of the standard business card sizes around the world:

  • US & Canada – 2 inches x 3.5 inches
  • Australia & New Zealand – 55 mm x 90 mm
  • UK & Western Europe – 55 mm x 85 mm
  • Eastern Europe – 50 mm x 90 mm
  • Japan – 55 mm x 91 mm
  • China, Hong Kong & Singapore – 54 mm x 90 mm
  • South Africa – 50 mm x 90 mm

size img

What about the material?

Let us know the card type you’re ordering from your printing provider,
then we’ll create a professional business card design that looks great with the material.

  • materials image 1

    Uncoated paper

    Ideal for appointment cards
    as it’s easy to write on

  • materials image 2

    Coated paper

    The top card choice for brightly
    colored designs

  • materials image 3


    Help your design
    stand out, literally

  • materials image 4

    Transparent plastic

    Give your business cards
    a futuristic vibe

  • materials image 5

    Stainless steel

    Make a lasting
    impression with metal

  • materials image 6

    Foil accent

    Stand out with
    shimmering accents

  • materials image 7

    Recycled cotton

    Feel-good business cards
    that look great

  • materials image 8


    Get stuck on the fridge and
    never be forgotten

What info should be on your business cards?

8 Crucial Elements to Include

  • Your
    company name

    This is the most important info,
    so make it prominent

  • Tagline

    Sum up what you offer
    in a handful of words

  • Your
    company logo

    Make sure your logo plays a central
    role in your card design

  • Your

    The text field for your name
    should be easy to see

  • Job title +

    Show off your role and special
    skills with clear typography

  • Contact

    Include your email, phone, business
    address, and social media handles

  • A CTA
    or promo

    Invite your customers or
    clients to take the next step

  • QR

    Use a QR code for special offers,
    extra info, or to share a message

With Epiic unlimited graphic design
you can fit more than just business card design

Learn what you can do

Why our graphic design services are epiic!

  • design image 1

    Pro-grade designers

    Our designers have years of
    professional experience

  • design image 2

    Unlimited requests

    You can keep ordering new
    designs or revisions

  • design image 3

    Fixed costs

    You’ll never go over budget
    or pay hidden fees

  • design image 4

    100% Original work

    Our designers create from scratch
    and you own the work

  • design image 5

    Unlimited brand profiles

    Perfect for agencies with
    multiple clients

Our process is as easy as 1-2-3!

  • easy image 1

    Submit your request

    Let us know what you
    want and we’ll get

  • easy image 2

    Review your design

    When you receive your
    design, you can approve it or
    request a revision

  • easy image 3

    Enjoy it & return for more

    Now the design is yours, and
    you can submit your next

Unlock epiic

  • Unlimited design requests
  • 1 business day turnaround
  • 30-day money back guarantee

See what our clients think

Erika Lauder

First of all - great quality. I tried a few design services and epiic is by far the best. Good designers, senior designer oversight. On top, prompt replies, great communication and fair pricing.

Walter Thommen

Using a service like this has saved us time and money. It’s basic math; you can hire a person to design for you, pay salary, benefits, etc. Or you can hire an army of people to make designs for you, when you need them, for a fraction of the cost.

Anna-Maria Salna

Very easy to use as YOU source and appoint the designer and I don’t need to review many resumes from people that are just not experienced enough.

Grant W Gooley

Wow, I thought the design service was A+. I did provide a very straightforward brief, with not alot of room for error, however they nailed it.


From social graphics to a recipe book, the Epiic team are quality folks! They provide excellent customer support and they're extremely timely with the designs. They do a great job of delivering on projects within the timeframe allotted.

Edward Lauder

I couldn't be happier with the quality. I had no idea what to expect and was a bit apprehensive at first, but I am glad I did it. I will be using this service for my future designs fo Sure!

Alla Kisik

Slick operating system and very good customer service. Not to mention, a very good product at the end. Love it !!

John Buglino

I originally engaged epiic to do a simple refresh of a company overview presentation. WOW - The designer knocked it out of the park and responded with multiple variations of the deck in less than 24 hours.

Arnaldo Evan

My team has been great to work with. The designs are great and the platform is very user friendly! Quick turnaround and each design is executed to exceed my expectations!

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