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There’s no limit to what you can do with an epiic designer in your corner

Whether you’re running a business in the city or an NYC-based agency, you need a lot of graphic design to scale your marketing and brand building. That’s where Epiic comes in.

Our designers can take on the work your in-house team can’t handle. Or we can do it all. With us, you have the flexibility required to sustain serious growth.

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Why it pays to work with professional designers

Smooth process

There are no bumps in the road when you’re using a process purpose-built to make your life easier.


While revisions are always part of the game, experienced designers can anticipate your needs and deliver what you want faster.

Impactful design

Your designs won’t just look fantastic – they’ll also communicate your unique brand story to your target audience.

All sorts of New York city businesses benefit from Epiic design services

  • A vintage clothing store in Soho wants posters designed to advertise an upcoming sale and illustrations for its new content marketing campaign.
  • A food truck opening near Hell’s Kitchen wants a website designed to let people know about the business’s menu and catering services.
  • A Brooklyn consulting firm requires a designer to help with its white papers and LinkedIn social posts.
  • A preschool & daycare in Manhattan needs help coming up with a brochure that’s professional-looking and attention-grabbing at the same time.
  • An advertising agency in Lenox Hill plans on outsourcing some of its design work so it can take on more clients.
  • A popular gym in Queens wants to refine its brand image with a better logo, a professional brand style guide, and a social media campaign.

What does your business need?

Why great design is a must-have for every NYC business

High-quality graphic design isn’t just a nice-to-have asset. It’s essential if you want your business to grow and remain competitive.

Whether you’re marketing for a mom-and-pop shop in the city or a large organization, great design is what will speak to your customers, build trust in your brand, and drive sales.

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Get all the graphic design you need
and never go over budget

Web Design

Your website is your most important digital asset – so it needs to look amazing. Whether you need new website design or a redesign for your existing pages, Epiic has your back.


Our logo design services are perfect for startups and NYC marketing agencies that need graphic design for their growing client list. We can even create your style guide!


Original, professionally designed illustrations on your website, social pages, and other marketing channels will set your business apart from your competition.

Merchandise & packaging

Show off your brand’s character with beautiful designs for your business cards, product packaging, t-shirts, and general merch.


Fight ad blindness with attractive ad designs. We’ll help you compel your customers to make their next purchase with your brand.

Presentations & infographics

Make your visual content something your target audience can’t get enough of with sleek-looking data visualizations, infographics, and presentation slides.

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No matter what industry your business is in,
Epiic designs will help drive growth

  • Automotive
  • Cryptocurrency & blockchain
  • Finance & insurance
  • Industrial
  • Medical & healthcare
  • Technology & internet
  • Baby & children
  • Education & day care
  • Fitness & wellness
  • Recruitment
  • Real estate
  • Travel & lifestyle
  • Business
  • Fashion & beauty
  • Gaming
  • Legal
  • Sports
  • Other

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Why choose Epiic?

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Skilled designers

Get peace of mind that your requests are in good hands – our designers are highly skilled and understand the needs of businesses and agencies.

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Unlimited revisions

We make getting amazing graphic design a breeze by offering unlimited revision requests. If you want a design changed in any way, we’ll revise it for you.

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No hidden fees

With your Epiic design subscription, you pay one fixed fee each month. That means you’ll never end up with unexpected graphic design costs or budgeting woes.

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100% original designs

Everything Epiic designers create is 100% original. You can rest assured that it’s yours and yours alone.

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Unlimited brand profiles

If you’re using your design subscription for your clients, you can create as many brand profiles as you need to streamline ordering.

Getting your designs
is as easy as 1-2-3

Submit a request

Request your first design, and your designer will start working on it on the next business day.

Review the design

When your design is ready, you’ll be able to review it and decide if you want to accept it or request any changes.

Enjoy and order more!

With unlimited design, you get to order as many designs as you want. Every business day, your designer will be hard at work on your design queue!

  • Unlimited design requests
  • 1-2 business day turnaround
  • 30-day money back guarantee

See what our clients think

Erika Lauder

First of all - great quality. I tried a few design services and epiic is by far the best. Good designers, senior designer oversight. On top, prompt replies, great communication and fair pricing.

Walter Thommen

Using a service like this has saved us time and money. It’s basic math; you can hire a person to design for you, pay salary, benefits, etc. Or you can hire an army of people to make designs for you, when you need them, for a fraction of the cost.

Anna-Maria Salna

Very easy to use as YOU source and appoint the designer and I don’t need to review many resumes from people that are just not experienced enough.

Grant W Gooley

Wow, I thought the design service was A+. I did provide a very straightforward brief, with not alot of room for error, however they nailed it.


From social graphics to a recipe book, the Epiic team are quality folks! They provide excellent customer support and they're extremely timely with the designs. They do a great job of delivering on projects within the timeframe allotted.

Edward Lauder

I couldn't be happier with the quality. I had no idea what to expect and was a bit apprehensive at first, but I am glad I did it. I will be using this service for my future designs fo Sure!

Alla Kisik

Slick operating system and very good customer service. Not to mention, a very good product at the end. Love it !!

John Buglino

I originally engaged epiic to do a simple refresh of a company overview presentation. WOW - The designer knocked it out of the park and responded with multiple variations of the deck in less than 24 hours.

Arnaldo Evan

My team has been great to work with. The designs are great and the platform is very user friendly! Quick turnaround and each design is executed to exceed my expectations!

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