How it works

Discovery call

Share your business requirements and the tasks you want to outsource to the assistants you need during our initial conversation.


We find an assistant who perfectly aligns with your specific needs and working hours. This process takes about 1-2 weeks.


Our team aids in seamlessly integrating the assistant into your company.

Ongoing upskilling &
knowledge enhancement

We proactively monitor the assistants’ progress to ensure their performance meets your expectations.

Smooth integration of new team members
into your business flow

Part-time or

Our assistants are available to work part-time or full-time, beginning at 20 hours a week, dedicated solely to you.

Aligned with
your time zone

Despite geographical differences, our talents operate during your selected hours.

Fully integrated into
your team

Give assistants access to your corporate communication platforms and don’t forget to involve them in your virtual team events!

Epiic unwavering

Hiring from around the world might seem challenging at first. Don’t worry, we’re with you all the way. We offer endless support – because your success is ours too.

An inside look at our vetting process

Our meticulous four-step selection process ensures you
collaborate only with the cream of the crop:

Application review: We assess every application to make sure they meet our baseline experience prerequisites, which include a minimum of two years of work experience, familiarity with remote work, and experience collaborating with clients from the United States, Australia, Canada, European Union, and United Kingdom.

First interview: Our proprietary process allows us to evaluate verbal communication proficiency & English fluency, professionalism & character, timeliness, availability, audio & video quality, along with the applicant’s experience & skill set.

Testing: If the candidate successfully navigates the initial interview, they are then required to pass a comprehensive set of six assessments: written examination, situational test, typing velocity test, internet connection speed test, backup connectivity check, and device evaluation.

Final interview: In the final discussion, we assess cultural compatibility and comprehension abilities and delve deeper into their expertise in specific tech stacks, sectors, and previous experience.

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