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    Mid-level specialists: 10 hours/week
    Senior specialists: 4 hours/week
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    Mid-level specialists: 15 hours/week
    Senior specialists: 6 hours/week
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    Mid-level specialists: 25 hours/week
    Senior specialists: 10 hours/week
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    Mid-level specialists: 40 hours/week
    Senior specialists: 16 hours/week
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    Mid-level specialists: 50 hours/week
    Senior specialists: 20 hours/week
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A$ / month
Mid-level specialists: 0 hours/week
Senior specialists: 0 hours/week
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*Credit card payments may incur a 1%-3.4% transaction fee

You gain a dedicated team of professionals for
the price of one in-house employee

Mid-level specialists:

Project manager

  • Assigns the appropriate specialists to your tasks
  • Ensures work is completed on time
  • Consults with you and answers your questions

Mid-level SEO specialist

  • Performs SEO audits and provides recommendations
  • Identifies keywords that can help your website rank higher in search results
  • Represents your interests when collaborating with external agencies such as link building opportunities

HTML coder

  • Codes elements that are beyond a designer’s skillset
  • Optimises website speed and performance
  • Resolves HTML issues across desktop, tablet, and mobile devices
  • Executes technical SEO recommendations

Graphic designer

  • Designs websites and landing pages from scratch using your brand style
  • Creates alluring visual elements to support your ideas and vision

Pro-level content writer

  • Crafts unique copy that resonates with your target audience
  • Writes any copy you need — from push notifications to blog articles
  • Ensures your written content is SEO-friendly
  • Proofreads your existing content, if needed

QA engineer

  • Ensures software quality and reliability
  • Identifies and reports defects and issues within the software
  • Validates compliance with specified requirements and standards

Senior specialists:

Senior SEO specialist

  • Develops a content strategy to bring more new users to the website
  • Creates a lead generation strategy to convert new users into qualified leads

Senior coder

  • Resolves complex technical issues
  • Brings their knowledge of JavaScript, PHP, React, and related technologies to the table

Web analyst

  • Sets up and configures Google Analytics to track user behavior
  • Collaborates with teams to improve online performance
  • Ensures data accuracy and consistency

Senior motion designer

  • Crafts eye-catching moving design elements for your website pages

Expert-level content writer

  • Creates persuasive copy for your main selling pages
  • Writes deeply-researched whitepapers and blog posts
How time is calculated:

Each specialist tracks their time, and the hours accumulate (10h by the designer and 2h by the project manager count as 12 hours spent)

Senior-level specialist time is equivalent to 2.5 times of a mid-level specialist's time.

Hours do not roll over from month to month.

Frequently asked questions about how our plans work

  • Is there a minimum commitment?

    No, there’s no minimum commitment. You sign up for the plan you want, and then you can continue with that package for the next month, upgrade or downgrade, or stop.

  • Is my information secure?

    Yes, we follow security best practices to keep your data safe. Learn more about our privacy policy..

  • Still not sure what plan to choose?

    Schedule a discovery call and we can help you decide the best plan for you.

  • Can I upgrade or downgrade?

    Of course. You can easily upgrade or downgrade the number of hours you want devoted to your website.

Need ongoing support?

Maintaining a website after it's built can be time-consuming. We're here to help with that! Once your website is up and running, we offer ongoing maintenance services, including:

  1. Number Setting up and managing a monitoring system to track and fix errors.
  2. Number Performing regular SEO audits of key pages to optimise performance.
  3. Number Keeping in touch with you about any potential bugs or issues and fixing them.
  4. Number Running smoke tests to ensure that the fundamental components of your website function correctly.

Ongoing support

Ongoing Support
Mid-level specialists
9 hours/month
Senior specialists
3 hours/month
Choose plan
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