How it works

Share your needs

We’ll have a discovery call with you to learn what tasks you want to outsource to a remote assistant.

We find the perfect assistant for you

Our recruiting team will source the ideal assistant for your tasks, skill requirements, company culture, and hours.

Onboard together

You provide log-in access. We ensure your assistant has knowledge and processes to get started right away.

Ongoing upskilling & knowledge enhancement

Our team ensures your remote assistant is performing as they should and fills in any knowledge or skill gaps.

Experience a seamless addition to your team

Part-time or

Your assistant is dedicated to your company’s needs during the hours you set. Choose full-time, part-time, or as-needed hours.

Aligned with
your time zone

We’ll recruit an assistant who can work during your desired hours so you can communicate in real time.

Synced communication

You give your assistant access to the platforms they’ll use to work, and we’ll make sure they know how to navigate each tool.

Epiic support

The team at Epiic has your back. Our goal is to create a streamlined experience for your company and your assistant.

Epiic’s process for finding talent

Our HR specialists use a 4-step vetting process to source reliable remote assistants.

Review applications: We sift through hundreds of applications to find the best of the best. Only applicants with a history of remote work and at least 2 years of personal, marketing, or sales assistant experience are considered. We also expect them to have experience working with clients in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, or Europe.

Interview candidates: Our HR team looks for professionalism, the right personality, and English fluency during the interview. We also find out details about their experience, work ethic, and availability.

Test their skill level: After the first interview, we have the candidate take several tests to ensure they have the right skills and technology to work efficiently as a remote assistant. We test their writing skills, typing speed, industry knowledge, and internet connection.

Conduct a final interview: This final screening step allows us to find out what industry they are best suited for based on their experience, knowledge, and work style. We also assess culture fit and get an understanding of their strengths and weaknesses as a professional assistant so we know how to best support them and you.

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