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Which came first, the infographics or the internet?

Modern-day infographics have been around since the late 18th century, and data visualization has only grown in popularity. Infographics were once used primarily by scientists or politicians, but these days, there’s another group that seems even more enthusiastic about bar graphs and pie charts — businesses.

No matter your industry, quality infographics can give your business a big boost. We’re talking about increased client engagement, retention, and even sales.

Infographic Design Ideas
to Make Your Visuals Look Super Special

Obviously, you’re ready to get infographic design going – so let us help! 😉 Below you’ll find eight awesome, industry-specific infographic examples and design tips to inspire your next design.

We’ve also included some handy tips to help ensure you can really capture what makes each sample shine.

What Are Infographics and Why Do Marketers Use Them?

But what exactly are infographics? An information graphic — AKA an infographic — is a collection of visuals (and sometimes text) that represents information or data.

Breaking complex topics and subjects down into visuals can make them easier to understand. That’s why infographics are beloved by marketers everywhere — these graphic designs can really pack a punch! No matter your industry, infographics tick all the boxes. They’re:

  • Easy to understand — Infographics make even the most complex (or — boring 😁) topics easy to digest.
  • Engaging — With their bright colors, shapes, and pictures, well-designed infographics look great, are fun, and are more likely to stand out than a wall of text.
  • Shareable — Lots of infographics use embedded codes and links to make the design easily shareable. This can help build brand awareness.
  • Unique and customizable — With infographic design, the sky’s the limit.
  • Great for SEO — Relevant infographics can benefit your SEO by bringing people to your site and increasing your rank on search engines.

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8 Epic Infographics (And Our Tips to Help You Nail the Design)

The web is flooded with infographics design tips and examples, so finding the best of the best can take time — unless you’re reading this blog. If that’s the case, we already did the grunt work for you.

So, without further ado, here are eight good infographic examples by industry to help you get your own design started.

Digital marketing services — Teach your audience something new with a how-to infographic

Infographics are an ideal way to teach people how to do something — just take a look at the example below. 😍

While SEO can be a complicated subject, this infographic uses bite-sized instructions and a clever layout to make the information easily digestible.

Template from Visme

This infographic works because it:

  • Uses a simple flow chart to direct the audience.
  • Doesn’t overload the reader with content but still communicates the process.
  • Includes vibrant colors, graphics, and pictures to keep you interested.


Makeup and cosmetology industry — Make information memorable and interesting by adding visuals

Sure, this site could have just as easily put this information into a table or a list, but where’s the fun in that? 😋

Turning content into an infographic — complete with cool colors and fun visuals — is a much better way to grab your audience’s attention and keep them engaged. This simple infographic is a great example!

Image from QC Makeup Academy

Why this infographic works:

  • It has a fun, cartoon-like vibe that’s eye-catching and intriguing.
  • It’s targeted toward a specific audience.
  • The pictures and lines help compartmentalize the written information.


Mental health and healthcare — Break down important info into bite-sized pieces

Talking about mental health or other serious or complicated topics can be a doozy. Put it all in text, and your reader is likely to be overwhelmed. 😩

But put it in an infographic? Now we’re talking! This example takes mental health care for men and breaks it down into more manageable pieces of info.

Image from Mental Health America

Why we like it:

  • Thanks to a smart layout and clever graphics, each segment has its own space.
  • There’s a great balance of visual information to written content.
  • Great colors and pictures help add interest.


Food industry — Tell a story and explain your industry with an informative infographic

Want to capture your audience’s attention? Tell them a story — just like this infographic design example does. This design turns a complicated question into a fun journey that you can complete in just a few minutes.

Image from Venngage

This is a good infographic example because it:

  • Uses a sensical flow and layout to guide readers through the info.
  • Has fun graphics and a subject-appropriate color scheme.
  • Tells a story without oversharing information.


Real estate — Map out a complicated process for your audience using a simple flow chart

A great infographic guides you seamlessly from one section to another. That’s why it’s so easy to simplify complicated information with a well-designed infographic!

Check out this flow chart example to see what we mean. Selling your home? Complicated. Selling your home after viewing this well-organized flow chart? Much more manageable.

Image from Nestiny

Why it works:

  • Great balance of written content to visuals.
  • Steps are sequential, and each occupies its own space.
  • Simple design and invitation to “Get started today!” encourage action.

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Marketing and business — Summarize important data for quick and easy review

Pure data can be difficult to decipher, but infographics can make it easier. Here’s an example of an infographic that gets the point across quickly and easily.

By using a combination of visuals, prominent stats, and limited written content, this infographic makes the data digestible.

Image from Piktochart

This graphic succeeds because it:

  • Has a good layout to help keep information separated.
  • Sticks to a single topic rather than trying to address every aspect of marketing.
  • Uses tasteful visuals and colors to keep things interesting.


Dental practices — Create a handy guide targeted toward a specific audience

One of the biggest mistakes you can make in the infographic world is trying to speak to too many groups at once.

Instead, you’ll have much better success if you target your infographic toward a certain group — just like this example does.

Image from Arctic Dental

This infographic works because it:

  • Speaks to a certain audience (parents visiting the dental office).
  • Uses fun graphics combined with short sentences to communicate information.
  • Has a great layout (larger headings combined with smaller explanatory sentences).


Accounting and finances — Use exciting and interesting infographics to extend your reach

When it comes to shareability, infographics are king — especially if you make them interesting. Infographics are a great way to share things about your industry, business, process, etc., that might help you get noticed.

Here’s a great example of an infographic that makes accounting (which, let’s be honest, isn’t known for being exciting) more fun and relatable. 🥰

Image from UWorld Roger CPA Review

Why it’s a winner:

  • It has a good balance of text to visuals.
  • Its unique and relevant information is interesting and entertaining.
  • It has fun pictures to help attract and engage readers.


Get People Interested in Your Info

Great infographics are an effective tool that you can use to communicate with your target audience. The key? 🤓

Take your time creating them and use these infographics design tips and examples to make your next design the best it can be.

Apr 28, 2022

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