Want More Leads? Here’s How to Build a High-Converting Landing Page That Can Get Them

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Do you remember the days of the travelling salesmen?

Hey, that’s okay. We don’t either. But we sure do get nostalgic for the seeming ease of the sale back then. Simply dream up a great product then go from door to door generating interest and selling it off. Seems nice, doesn’t it?

These days, if you want your audience to fall in love with (or express interest in) your product, it’s going to take more than just a winning smile. Sometimes it’s going to take a high-converting landing page to compel those fence-sitters to take the leap and trust in your brand.

But what exactly is a landing page? How do you make or optimize yours? And is it really worth the effort?

Why You Need a Lead Generation Landing Page + Examples

Keep reading to find the answers to all these questions — and more! — as well as some awesome conversion page examples that are sure to inspire.

What Is a Landing Page (And Do I Really Need One)?

A landing page is a standalone page that’s got one goal: get the page visitor to take action that will turn them into a qualified lead.

Landing pages:

  • Are usually found organically;
  • Are often targeted toward a specific audience;
  • May promote a specific product, service, or campaign;
  • Usually don’t contain much information about your brand — that’s saved for your website.

Do you need a landing page? Well, the truth is that it really doesn’t hurt — and sometimes it does much better than that. The whole goal of a landing page is to help increase your conversion rate and turn interested bystanders into invested customers.

Here are some landing page conversion rates from a WordStream analysis:

  1. The median landing page conversion rate is 2.35%.
  2. The top 25% of landing pages have a conversion rate of 5.31%.
  3. The top 10% of landing pages have a conversion rate of 11.45% or more!

Of course, it’s important to note that landing page conversion rates do vary by industry, target demographic, demand, and a few other factors. But increased conversion rates aren’t the only things that landing pages have to offer. A high-converting landing page can also:

  • Increase your SEO ranking;
  • Promote new products and services;
  • Help with marketing campaigns;

and more

7 Key Elements of a High-Converting Landing Page

Like most digital business elements (i.e., websites, logos, etc.), there’s no magic recipe for creating landing pages that convert. But, that doesn’t mean anything goes! 😉

You’ll see from the below examples that most high-converting landing pages use similar elements.

Are these landing page elements the key reason for the page’s success? Maybe not — but they sure are important.

Headline / Subheadline

Here’s the place it all begins — or ends. Your headline and subheadline have got to be perfect if you want to attract and keep your audience’s attention. Your headline should clearly define your product/service and your value proposition.

Our tips:

  • Keep your writing clear, concise, and compelling.
  • Your headline should be short and punchy; your subheadline can provide more information.
  • Be persuasive.

The Copywriting

Once you have their attention, it’s time to seal the deal. The landing pages that convert are the ones that convince your reader to act. Win your site visitor over with a persuasive copy that tells them why and how they should choose you.

Our tips:

  • Focus on benefits more than features to evoke emotion.
  • Talk about pain points and how you can alleviate them.
  • Keep things short and actionable.

CTA Buttons

CTA (call-to-action) buttons are great because they tell your customer exactly what you want them to do next. It’s important to make sure these buttons are easy to find. So keep them dominant and distinct from everything else on the page, and don’t overuse them.

Our tips:

  • Use contrasting or complementary colors to make CTA buttons pop.
  • Bigger is better.
  • Use CTA buttons above the fold whenever possible (and – appropriate! 🧐).

Lead Forms

Most landing pages include a lead form of some kind. If you design this form the right way, you’re more likely to score personal information (i.e., email address, name, phone number, etc.). That, in turn, can help you find and nurture leads.

Our tips:

  • Keep forms short — don’t ask for info you don’t need.
  • Place your form as high on the page as possible so it’s easily accessible.
  • Use drop-down menus and other shortcuts to save time.

Social Proof

For good reason, most of us are wary of giving out personal info. So, make sure visitors have a reason to trust you! You can do this by including testimonials, reviews, logos, badges, and other social proof that help reduce the risk for your visitor.

Our tips:

  • Include your contact info to help further legitimize your business.
  • Feature companies that use your product/service.
  • Include achievements and awards.

The Design

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again — site visitors will judge your business based on your site design. Ensure they’re impressed by putting some thought into your landing page design to make it both aesthetic and user-friendly.

Our tips:

  • Keep things simple with minimal info and visuals and utilize white space.
  • Ensure that the page is scannable and flows.
  • Make sure your page design is mobile responsive.

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Relevant images not only help break up text and make your page more dynamic, but they’re also more interesting to look at than straight copy. In this case, visuals can include everything from videos and images to graphics, icons, charts, and more.

Our tips:

  • Choose images carefully — skip stock photos and low-quality options.
  • Don’t be afraid to use interactive elements.
  • Use your visuals to tell a story.

Sign Us Up: 12 Awesome High-Converting Landing Page Examples

Despite the variation in design, there’s one thing that these 12 conversion page examples have in common: they’re awesome.

We picked some of the most successful, eye-catching landing pages for you to enjoy. Each one offers a unique look at how to use the above elements to create a one-of-a-kind landing page that’s bound to impress.


Who doesn’t love Netflix (besides all the Netflix competitors, of course)? 😉 More importantly, who wouldn’t love this landing page? The bold headline and appealing subheadline hook you immediately. And the lead form with only one question to fill out? We’re sold.

Also, note the:

  • Dynamic videos;
  • Bright pics and graphics;
  • Convenient FAQ section.


It’s hard to brush off this eye-catching landing page for Goby toothbrushes — and that’s what makes it so effective. We love how this landing page uses engaging copy and interesting visuals to keep you scrolling.

Also, note the:

  • Contrasting CTA buttons;
  • Instagram pics as social proof;
  • Refreshing color scheme.


Who doesn’t want a little insight into the competition? Semrush is a SaaS platform offering online visibility management. Their landing page uses a bold, results-promising headline and sparse yet informative copy to cater to clients.

Also, note the:

  • Visuals that reflect the service;
  • Short and simple lead form;
  • Great use of social proof.

Coco Village

One thing that’s sure to spur your reader to action is a limited-time offer. This page from Coco Village features a limited promotion that creates a sense of urgency that has us itching to shop now — and we don’t even need a new bedding set!

Also, note the:

  • Instagram pics as visual proof;
  • Straightforward and scannable page design.


We love the above-the-fold content that immediately outlines Branch’s value proposition. They also do a great job with their unique “Build My Office” CTA button. It’s actionable, easy to find, and much different than the usual “shop now” offerings.

Also, note the:

  • High-quality visuals
  • Great use of testimonials
  • Integrated FAQ section

Western Rise

The great hero image on this landing page reflects its bold headline. Western Rise goes for a mix of short blurbs of copy coupled with several high-quality images of their product. The result is a simple and well-structured page.

Also, note the:

  • Mature color scheme;
  • Value proposition icons below the hero image;
  • Bulleted feature list.

Bariatric Eating

Bariatric Eating (BE) caters to a very niche audience (previous bariatric surgery patients). Yet they’ve created a page that’s both understandable and magical. It emphasizes pain points and their solutions. BE also does a great job of speaking directly to their target visitors.

Also, note the:

  • Vibrant and lively color scheme;
  • Enticing product offer;
  • Good use of testimonials.

Blow LTD

Blow LTD has a great hero image to reinforce their headline and the rest of their above-the-fold content. There’s no question what this brand sells. We love how everything combines to make their product and service instantly recognizable.

Also, note the:

  • Minimalist design;
  • Easy-to-scan copy;
  • CTA buttons for the various services.

Blue Forest Farms

We love the way that Blue Forest Farms keeps things simple with the headline but then gets specific in the subheadline. We also love the way the page uses a vertical line to subtly keep you scrolling downward.

Also, note the:

  • Sleek minimalist design;
  • Limited lead form (with a drop-down menu).

Fast Mask

Bright red is a no-no for most websites, but Fast Mask is all about the thrill, the extreme, and being seen. We like how this copy is personable and pairs a strong color scheme with clear CTAs and content.

Also, note the:

  • Imposing typography;
  • Unmissable value proposition section;
  • Fun, stylized icons.

Jet Pet Resort

This landing page is a bit longer than most. But when it comes to pets, we’re willing to do anything — even read extra content. What makes this page from Jet Pet Resort a winner is the easily accessible lead form and urgent promotion.

Also, note the:

  • Use of video testimonials;
  • Eye-catching images of pets;
  • Contrasting CTA buttons.

Panda 7

Who wants to spend time reading about insurance? You might if you’re doing it on this Panda7 page. Here, there’s an appealing headline to hook us in and informative yet simple content that keeps us reading.

Also, note the:

  • Use of stats;
  • Vertical lines that direct you down the page;
  • Professional color scheme.

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I’ll Pass: 5 Landing Pages That Need Some Work

We all love a good landing page, but we also know how hard it can be to make one. Unfortunately, a bad landing page isn’t just embarrassing — it also usually means you’re losing leads…

Here are a few examples of landing pages that aren’t as effective as they could be.


Here’s an example of a landing page with too much going on.

What do you look at first?..
Where are you supposed to go now?..
There’s plenty of info here but — what do we do with it?..

This would be much more effective if the designer had a goal in mind before they created the page.


Alright, we can’t fault the headline and its use of the ever-popular marketing word “free,” but we wish this site would offer more.

It’s a little too bland for our tastes and doesn’t inspire at all. Something a little more dynamic and interesting might have been better.


The first thing we think of when we see this landing page? It’s a good thing authors like to read because — wow!

We wish the written content was broken up to make things easily scannable. A headline, some high-quality visuals, and testimonials would go a long way to making this more manageable.

Big Barker

We love puppy pictures as much as the next person, but not even Fido’s photo can save this landing page.

The copy, design, and visuals make this page seem a tad unprofessional — not a great way to entice visitors. Plus, the only CTA button is hidden up in the corner where it isn’t immediately obvious.

Money 4 Your Motors

Sometimes less is more, but in this case, less is less. There’s so little information on this landing page that we’re not entirely sure what the company is offering.

And while the bright colors do help draw attention, they don’t seem to mesh with the industry this brand is in.

Landing page design doesn’t have to be DIY —
especially at our prices.

Let the Leads Roll In

How many conversions are you missing out on due to a lackluster landing page? Think about it.

Even if you think your landing page is doing well, it never hurts to do a little revision, a little testing, and try to develop something better. If you aren’t actively (and constantly!) improving your landing pages, then you could be missing out. So, be sure to keep our key landing page elements and examples in mind next time you design. Good luck!

Jan 26, 2022

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