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Enhance your search results performance with a comprehensive SEO site audit and a tailored action plan

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What is an SEO audit?

SEO audit solutions reveal the strengths and weaknesses of your website. Armed with a thorough SEO site examination and strategic plan, you can climb search rankings, boost online traffic, and transform your most significant digital resource – your website – into a powerful engine for conversions.

Achieve top Google rankings with SEO audit services

Reveal SEO issues

Discover the obstacles hindering your site's performance. Our comprehensive SEO audit explores on-page, off-page, and technical aspects to pinpoint problems and uncover opportunities.

Focus on high-
impact SEO actions

We'll guide you in determining the most crucial optimization steps to prioritize, ensuring your website reaches the first page of search engine results pages (SERPs).

Stay updated with the
latest search best

As search engine algorithms and Google Search Essentials continually change, we'll ensure your website meets the latest requirements and standards.

Stay ahead in the

Your objective: maintain a leading position over your competitors in the SERPs. Our website audit service reveals the strategies to secure the top spot and remain there.

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How your marketing team can benefit

Epiic solutions serve as your trump card. We provide expert SEO and digital marketing services necessary to
finish projects within deadlines and budget constraints. Discover how our extensive experience working with
agencies and marketing teams can contribute to your success.

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Types of SEO audit services we provide


SEO audit

  • On-page audit – Uncover potential improvements within your on-page content for optimization
  • Off-page audit – Find out how to influence your search rankings through effective link promotion
  • Technical audit – Discover the technical aspects hindering your website's performance
  • To-do-list – Receive recommenations from our SEO professionals to enhance your website traffic

6-business day turnaround

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SEO audit

  • Analysis of competitors’ strategy – Learn how to surpass your competitors by excelling in their strategies
  • Disavow link analysis – Identify harmful toxic links affecting your website and remove them
  • Organic traffic analysis – Discover the reasons your web pages aren't on the first page and strategies to achieve that position
  • Guest post evaluation – Uncover the essential backlinks required to maintain a lead over your primary rivals

6-business day turnaround

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Full Marketing
SEO audit

  • Everything in the Technical SEO audit
  • Everything in the Competitor SEO audit
  • Blog analysis – Find out ways to enhance your blog for increased lead generation
  • Marketing recommendations – Learn how to increase your website's conversion rates

12-business day turnaround

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How it works(step-by-step)

Order an audit

Choose the audit type that best fits your present requirements.

Share your SEO objectives

Inform us about your SEO goals and provide access to your analytics data.

Get the results

Receive a comprehensive audit along with professional suggestions.

What our clients say about us

FAQs about our SEO services

  • Your website stands as the most significant digital asset of your brand. However, without proper optimization, it fails to serve its purpose. It becomes difficult for your potential customers to locate your site while searching for your offerings. Furthermore, if your competitors have a higher ranking, you might lose customers due to inadequate SEO.

    Moreover, the landscape of search is continually changing. With emerging competition, evolving algorithms, and updated best practices, it becomes imperative to frequently review your site. This helps in spotting issues that might be hindering your site's performance and discovering opportunities to aid your presence on the first page.
  • The starting price for our SEO website audit services is £780, which includes either a Technical SEO audit or a Competitor SEO audit. The technical site audit equips you with valuable insights to enhance your website's search rankings and elevate traffic. If you're finding it challenging to rank higher than your competitors, our competitor SEO audit services would be ideal.

    For a comprehensive package, consider our Full Marketing SEO Audit priced at £1,410. This service encompasses both technical and competitor analysis, along with insights to optimize your blog posts and marketing suggestions to amplify your website's conversion rate.
  • Our team at Epiic is committed to enhancing your brand's online presence. To achieve this, we extend services such as keyword research and content writing. For more information, feel free to visit our Keyword Research, Content Writing, and Blogging page or schedule a consultation.
  • Upon receiving your order for our SEO audit services along with the necessary details, we initiate the process of data analysis and research to deliver results.

    Our Technical SEO Audit and Competitor SEO Audit are typically completed within 6 business days. The comprehensive Full Marketing SEO Audit requires around 12 business days for completion.

    Please note, these estimated timelines commence once we have a clear understanding of your SEO objectives and access to your analytics. We cannot initiate the auditing process without this crucial information.
  • Definitely! We ensure a hassle-free experience by offering explicit recommendations. Our report will guide you on what changes need to be made on your website and the method to implement them.
  • Sure! If you have any questions or comments, just note them in your PDF file and we'll provide answers.
  • Yes, it's completely safe. Our team respects your privacy and follows all data privacy laws. We'll never share your data with others. More about our security policies can be discussed in a demo call.
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