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Web design services for all business types and all website platforms. And it’s all included in your epiic design subscription.

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Why does every brand need a
professionally designed website?

Because — love it or shrug your shoulders about it — we live in a digital world. So, in order for people to connect with you, a pro-quality site is a must. It’s the heart of your digital presence and one of the key channels customers use to form an impression of your brand.

The better your website design, the bigger the impact
your brand will make.

With a leading-edge
website, it’s easier to:

  • Build awareness around your brand
  • Generate leads
  • Increase customer trust and loyalty
  • Convince your target audience that your products or services are better than anything else out there

Whether you’re a small business owner, an entrepreneur, a freelancer, or an established
organisation, it’s the design of your website that dictates how customers feel about your brand.

Take a look at what the numbers say about how critical a pro-quality web presence is:

  • Pretty much everyone — 97% of consumers — research their purchase online before buying.
  • They also use it to judge your brand — 75% base the credibility of a business on the way the site looks.
  • And if it’s not amazing at first glance, you’re going to lose potential customers — web visitors form an impression in 0.05 seconds.
  • Your brand will instantly take a reputation hit — 94% of people say poor web design makes them lose trust in a brand.

But with a custom web design, you can count on a better user experience, crystal clear brand
differentiation, and a more professional impression every time someone visits your website!

Types of websites by design

Each website type has a certain structure and specific design features to
ensure it does its job. With great design, you can…

  • Ecommerce

    Make it easy for customers to buy your products online.

  • Portfolio

    Appeal to clients with an eye-catching display.

  • Blog

    Operate a lead + revenue-generating machine.

  • Online scheduling

    Get more bookings with super-easy navigation.

  • Events

    Take FOMO (fear of missing out) to a whole new level.

  • Restaurants

    Make your menu + dining experience irresistible.

  • Service providers

    Show clients you’ve got their back.

  • Marketplaces

    Become a lodestone for your industry.

  • Personal

    Build connections with a site that excites.

  • Membership

    Invite more people
    into the fold.

  • Nonprofit

    Spread the word
    about your cause.

  • Informational

    Expand your audience’s mind + drive discussions.

Website design by platform

Ecommerce platforms

  • platform item image

    Grow your sales with an ecommerce web design platform that makes scaling easy.

  • platform item image

    Sell unlimited products online with a full-featured, user-friendly platform.

  • platform item image

    Get functionality without the complexity – this platform is a good option for ecommerce newbies.

  • platform item image

    Use a platform with top-notch security and robust features to support a large online store.

Website builders

  • platform item image

    Wix’s ease of use makes this platform practical for small businesses + personal websites.

  • platform item image

    Nice to look at and well structured, Squarespace is a good fit for portfolio sites that involve a lot of graphics and images.

  • platform item image

    More simplistic than others, Webnode is useful for entrepreneurs who want their website up and running quickly.

  • platform item image

    This is an easy-to-edit builder that lets you create a basic website for blogs, bookings, and single products.

  • platform item image

    A drag-and-drop web builder with lots of options, this platform is good for most web design types.

  • platform item image

    With a simple editing interface, this builder works well if you want a basic design for a single function, like appointment bookings or a one-off event.

  • platform item image

    Use this builder and its customisation flexibility for restaurant website designs, blogging websites, professional sites, and more.

  • platform item image

    Zyro was designed as a builder for portfolio websites but also has ecommerce features.

  • platform item image

    This builder works well for basic business sites but lacks the flexibility needed for highly personal designs.

Content management systems

  • platform item image

    Grow your sales with an ecommerce web design platform that makes scaling easy.

  • platform item image

    Sell unlimited products online with a full-featured, user-friendly platform.

  • platform item image

    Get functionality without the complexity – this platform is a good option for ecommerce newbies.

  • platform item image

    Use a platform with top-notch security and robust features to support a large online store.

Types of website design by industry

  • Art & design
  • Technology
  • Restaurants & cafes
  • Architecture
  • Cleaning services
  • Retail
  • Construction
  • Business coaching
  • Recruitment
  • Healthcare
  • Plumbing
  • Accounting
  • Churches
  • Hospitality
  • Jewellery
  • Law
  • Fashion & beauty
  • Education
  • Real estate
  • Dental
  • Insurance
  • IT services
  • Entertainment
  • Advertising
  • Engineering
  • Human resources
  • Wellness

The 6 most important pages
every website needs

  • Homepage

    Your site’s home base, this page serves a dual purpose: it’s the first impression of your brand and the launch pad to everything else.

  • About us

    This is where you show your brand’s history and reason to be. You can also show off any certifications or accomplishments.

  • Pricing

    Nudge potential customers along the buyer’s journey with a user-friendly pricing page. Visitors will use this page to gauge the value you offer, compare you to competitors, and — if they like what they see — make a purchase decision.

  • Products or services

    Create a page for each product or feature them all on one. Product and services pages are designed to make it easy for site visitors to convert.

  • Contacts

    Invite clients, customers, and press to get in touch with you through contact forms and clear, accurate contact info.

  • Blog

    This page introduces your blog and features your most popular or most recent posts. Your design can also include a subscriber form.

Ready to get design help?

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12 crucial elements to include in
your website

  • Website navigation

    The design’s architecture should guide visitors around your site in a logical and intuitive way.

  • Gallery

    Make your products, projects, or past work irresistible with an expertly designed gallery.

  • Menu

    Use a simple, thoughtful menu design to make navigating your site feel effortless.

  • Whitespace

    Just as truth is found in silence, whitespace gives the rest of your design meaning.

  • Header & footer

    Here’s where your design displays key info you want visitors to see no matter what page they’re on.

  • Colours

    Choose your palette carefully — colours influence how visitors feel about your brand.

  • Social icons

    This design element is the portal to all of your social media pages, so make it easy to find.

  • FAQs

    Answer common questions in one place so your website visitors don’t have to search for answers elsewhere.

  • Contact form

    Invite website visitors to get in touch with your organisation with a welcoming contact form design.

  • Call to action

    Let your visitors know what next step they should take with great CTA button design.

  • Mobile-friendly

    Your design should look and function on mobile devices just as well as it does on a desktop browser.

  • Optimised content

    Once you launch your website, keep refining the content to keep boosting your traffic, conversions, and revenue.

With a well-designed website, all of these elements work together
to keep visitors on your site, guide them to what they are looking for,
and ensure an exceptional user experience.

15 website design mistakes
you don’t want to make

Want to avoid common pitfalls when designing your website?
Find out about 15 mistakes you definitely want to avoid.

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The benefits of ordering design
services from Epiic

Professional designers

Get peace of mind that
your project is in
experienced hands.

Unlimited requests

You can ask for changes
until you’re 100% happy
with each design.

Fixed costs

Never worry about add-ons
or surprise fees – all
designs are all-included.

100% original work

Our designers will always
create your graphic design
from scratch.

Unlimited brand profiles

For agencies: your clients can
order unlimited designs. You can
even white label our services.

Why Epiic is 1000x better
than website templates!

Real people are listening to your vision and creating your website design.

They’re also triple-checking everything — a senior designer reviews every web page before you see it.

Your website is customised to your brand style, so it’s not going to look like every other site in your industry.

You can ask your designer for any website elements you want to use to help your business grow.

Your designer will take into account readability, navigation, and mobile-friendliness — all important SEO factors.

It’s easier to scale a professionally designed website. With templated sites, expanding and evolving is more difficult.

Your website design will match your brand’s other designs because Epiic can work on them all!

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Order your website design
in 3 easy steps

Submit your request

Let your designer know what you
want for your first page.

Review your design

If you love your design, accept it.
If it needs work, request a revision.

Return for more

Order your next website pages or other
design request, review, and order more!

  • Unlimited design requests
  • 1-2 business day turnaround
  • 30-day money back guarantee

See what our clients think

Erika Lauder

First of all - great quality. I tried a few design services and epiic is by far the best. Good designers, senior designer oversight. On top, prompt replies, great communication and fair pricing.

Walter Thommen

Using a service like this has saved us time and money. It’s basic math; you can hire a person to design for you, pay salary, benefits, etc. Or you can hire an army of people to make designs for you, when you need them, for a fraction of the cost.

Anna-Maria Salna

Very easy to use as YOU source and appoint the designer and I don’t need to review many resumes from people that are just not experienced enough.

Grant W Gooley

Wow, I thought the design service was A+. I did provide a very straightforward brief, with not alot of room for error, however they nailed it.


From social graphics to a recipe book, the Epiic team are quality folks! They provide excellent customer support and they're extremely timely with the designs. They do a great job of delivering on projects within the timeframe allotted.

Edward Lauder

I couldn't be happier with the quality. I had no idea what to expect and was a bit apprehensive at first, but I am glad I did it. I will be using this service for my future designs fo Sure!

Alla Kisik

Slick operating system and very good customer service. Not to mention, a very good product at the end. Love it !!

John Buglino

I originally engaged epiic to do a simple refresh of a company overview presentation. WOW - The designer knocked it out of the park and responded with multiple variations of the deck in less than 24 hours.

Arnaldo Evan

My team has been great to work with. The designs are great and the platform is very user friendly! Quick turnaround and each design is executed to exceed my expectations!

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