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Trusted by European companies of all sizes

Our SEM marketing agency delivers fantastic results across the world. We empower businesses of all sizes with digital marketing solutions that work.

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Marketing and B2B — why it can't be ignored

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    Marketing is essential for every business.

    From consumer-facing companies to those working behind the scenes, it helps brands to grow through the promotion of products and services. Marketing has immense value in the business-to-business (B2B) sector. It helps to improve awareness and lays the groundwork for successful relationships.
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    B2B companies face unique marketing challenges.

    Tailored solutions are needed to align campaigns with budgets and business goals. In the modern world, the vast majority of these solutions can be found online. Regardless of your size or sector, digital marketing allows you to find, engage, and motivate a diverse and highly targeted customer base.
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    Epiic is a highly accomplished B2B marketing agency.

    Our talented team delivers a full spectrum of solutions, including search engine optimization (SEO), paid ads, and web design and development. From keyword research and content creation to social media and email, we can do it all. We understand the challenges you face every day, and we enjoy finding growth solutions that work.

Your trusted B2B marketing partner

Not just another digital marketing agency, Epiic is a trusted team of B2B experts. Our approach is driven by you, with all services tailored to your needs. We form relationships and unlock solutions to boost your business.

We know your challenges

Marketing is a huge field with a wide range of approaches. To be effective, you need solutions tailored to your business. From the outset, it's important to work with a company that understands B2B challenges. Whether it's higher price points, longer marketing cycles, or more complex sales funnels, B2B issues need to be addressed head-on.

Without understanding your pain points, it's impossible to find solutions that work.

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    Insufficient customer acquisition

    B2B operations often struggle with customer acquisition. With high-ticket items and relatively few customers, each new acquisition is highly valuable. To find your targets, you need to generate and nurture leads through a variety of marketing efforts. B2B customers can be found through SEO and online ads, and nurtured through social media and emails. At Epiic, we create a targeted marketing strategy that delivers the right customers for your business.

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    Inefficient use of marketing resources

    Inefficient marketing campaigns waste time and money. For effective long-term growth, services need to be tracked and refined over time to make sure they're working. Spending money is not the solution; you need to make efficient use of your marketing resources. At Epiic, our experts understand how to optimize marketing costs. We select the most effective channels for your business, developing high ROI strategies without breaking the bank.

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    Inadequate market visibility

    Competition is tough in the B2B space, and you need to stay visible. Creating a strong online presence is key to long-term success. There are lots of ways to boost your online appeal, from company websites and promotions to social media and email campaigns. At Epiic, we know how to overcome the challenges of market visibility. We have helped numerous B2B operations, boosting visibility through strategic branding, content marketing, and digital advertising initiatives.

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    Low conversion and customer retention

    Getting attention from the market is only half the battle. You also need to focus on conversion and retention. B2B companies often struggle with these issues, which can have a major adverse impact. At Epiic, we focus on relationships to improve the user experience. We can implement personalized communication techniques, develop loyalty programs, and perform other work to increase conversions and enhance retention rates.

Our marketing services

B2B companies benefit from a range of marketing solutions. From organic SEO to paid ads and communications, Epiic delivers the following growth strategies:

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    B2B search engine optimization (SEO)

    SEO includes various practices to increase organic reach and rankings. It helps to improve visibility, drive traffic, and build trust with the market. Keyword research is central to this process, with product and industry keywords vital for most B2B businesses. We use dedicated SEO tools like SEMrush, Ahrefs, and Google Ads Keyword Planner to identify keywords and optimize content.

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    Content marketing

    Content marketing is about using words to inform and influence people. In the B2B sector, a range of messaging is needed to inform readers, promote products, and build your brand. We create a variety of B2B content, such as website material, guest blogs, and company brochures. Quality content helps to build trust and drive conversions among B2B decision-makers.

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    Paid ads

    Along with SEO, commercial advertising is central to every B2B campaign. Google Ads and other pay-per-click (PPC) promotions allow you to target specific customers and direct them to your website. Our digital marketing experts create tailored ads that work for the B2B sector. We target key decision-makers and drive qualified leads to your virtual door.

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    Web design & development

    The humble business website is the foundation of every B2B company. A great website builds authority and credibility with the market. It also gives your audience somewhere to land when they arrive via online ads and inbound links. We offer a number of specialized web design and development solutions for B2B companies.


We work across the B2B sector

Choose a proven B2B marketing agency for your business.

We have worked with B2B operations from the following industry sectors:

  • Fashion and apparel
  • Health and beauty
  • Education
  • Food and beverages
  • Household goods
  • Gaming and entertainment
  • Consumer electronics
  • B2B services

Find a B2B marketing strategy that works for your business

B2B marketing is an investment that works hard for your business.


Why choose us

When you're looking for a B2B digital marketing agency, you need a partner you can trust. Online marketing is a complex world, and going it alone is not an option for most businesses. At Epiic, we deliver tailored B2B solutions that work for you.

When you choose Epiic, you benefit from:

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    Marketing expertise

    We have extensive experience in the B2B sector, and we've achieved massive success.

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    We provide comprehensive analytics and crystal-clear performance reports to help you grow.

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    We don't believe in one-size-fits-all services — we deliver tailored solutions for your business.

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    Complete ownership

    You have control over your account, with full rights transferred when our contract ends.

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    An account manager

    We offer a single point of contact for all inquiries, and access to a dedicated manager.


Our proven B2B marketing process

Epiic delivers a wide array of B2B marketing solutions. From single services to integrated solutions and full packages, you choose what works for your business.

The Epiic process includes:

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    The discovery phase

    As your online marketing partner, we need to find what works for you. We conduct a thorough assessment of your B2B business, reviewing your goals, evaluating your challenges, and identifying your target audience. We use this information to create a digital marketing strategy that drives growth.

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    Free audit & strategy

    We carry out a free comprehensive audit of your existing marketing efforts. Once this process is complete, we combine what we've learned with competitor research and industry insights. With new information at our disposal, we build a custom marketing strategy that will deliver a high ROI for your business.

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    Custom implementation

    Armed with a clear roadmap, we begin the implementation phase. We create custom marketing solutions that align with the immediate and long-term growth objectives of your business. We focus on proven marketing services that are known to generate the biggest impact for B2B businesses.

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    Analyze & refine

    Great marketing is not a linear process. It's a cycle that involves careful monitoring and continual improvement. After the launch of your new marketing campaign, we track the data, measure performance, and optimize all services to generate better results and more growth.

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