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AI content improved by humans

Artificial intelligence has reached next-level content-generation capabilities. But AI-written content alone isn’t effective. It’s through both AI and human writers that you get publication-ready, cost-friendly content that helps you reach your marketing goals. Unlock this potential with AI+Human content from Epiic.

Where you can use AI for content writing

Streamlining topic ideation
and outline creation

Generating rough drafts and
inspiring new angles

Creating short-form posts and
answering FAQs

The limits of AI-generated content

  • Plagiarism

    Some AI tools scrape published content. Even if the AI rewrites it, there’s still a risk you’ll end up with plagiarism issues.

  • Inaccuracies

    AI writers can lift and regenerate words, but they can’t check for accuracy like human writers can. As such, AI might misuse statistics or misinform.

  • Content depth

    AI works better with simple content. It can’t yet generate in-depth or highly engaging writing that search engines reward.

  • Digital watermark

    AI tools can embed a code that marks your content as a product of AI. No one knows the future implications of this marking.

  • Lack of context

    AI isn’t good at understanding context, which can diminish the quality of the writing and leave your readers unimpressed and uninterested.

  • Limited knowledge

    AI generators struggle with current events and controversial issues. As a result, they can generate thin, biased, or made-up info.

  • Tone and style

    At this point, content written by AI still sounds robotic. An experienced writer always needs to go in and refine the content for style and flow.

  • Dependent on inputs

    You need the right inputs and prompts to generate anything useful. Otherwise you’ll waste time with content that could be incorrect, illogical, or even offensive.

  • SEO concerns

    Some AI tools can help you optimize content, but because of the lack of originality and risk of search homogeneity, pure AI content could sink your position.

  • AI-assisted content vs. AI-generated content solves these issues

Epiic AI+Human content

Effective prompts

We know what to input to generate relevant, useful content. Then our writers refine, prune, and polish from there.

Experienced writers

Our writers are native-English speakers with experience creating copy for businesses and agencies.

Quality control

We use an AI detector to ensure the content is enjoyable to read and won’t be flagged as AI written.

How a human writer improves
AI-written content

Uses narrative

Writers take out the fluffy and boring text and use storytelling to make the content engaging.

Boosts SEO

Natural use of keywords and alignment with search intent will make your content more competitive.

Infuses style and tone

Your target audience will respond to content that speaks to them. Human writers ensure the tone is on point.

Enhances with images

A human writer can source images to enhance the content.

Checks for accuracy

Never worry about inaccurate or illogical AI content slipping into your marketing.

AI+Human rates











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Unlock the efficiency behind AI with Epiic

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