Welcome, designers!

Looking for graphic design jobs that let you flex your creative muscle? 

Join the team at Epiic! We’re hiring experienced creatives to design for our growing list of clients.

Design job roles we’re hiring for:

  • Graphic designer
  • Website designer
  • Motion designer

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How much design work you
take on is up to you!

Work full time
as a designer!

Get paid
per project!

Why you’ll love being an Epiic designer

Endless design jobs

There are always new design requests coming in, so you can count on a consistent workflow.

No project bids

We won’t make you spend time bidding for projects. Just design, refine if needed, and get paid. 

Guaranteed payment

If a client declines a project, you still earn the kill fee.

Payouts every week

We pay freelance designers weekly for approved projects. Full-time designers are paid bi-weekly.

Flexible schedule

You can design as much or as little as you want.

Professional guidance

Benefit from feedback and guidance from other experienced creatives. 

24/5 support

Our support team are always available to answer questions and help with issues.

Hassle-free payouts

Get paid via direct deposit or PayPal.

No platform fees

We don’t charge our designers fees to access design jobs.

Work-life balance

You have the freedom to balance design and life in a way that works for you.

Easy-to-use platform

You won’t spend hours figuring out the process on our platform. Everything’s intuitive by design.

Global design team

We hire designers based on their skill level, not their address.

How to apply

Fill out
the form

~ 3 min

Submit your
design samples

~ 10 min


Most applications are reviewed within 48 hours

Become an Epiic designer!

Access an endless flow of design projects and earn money
doing the creative work you love.

Apply to join Epiic

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