Revolutionizing content creation: Optessa’s success story

In the dynamic landscape of global manufacturing, where precision and optimization reign supreme, one company stands as a paragon of innovation and distinction: Optessa. Renowned for pioneering intelligent planning, sequencing, and scheduling optimization software, Optessa has not only transformed industries but also elevated them, from auto OEMs to electronics and logistics.

However, even a trailblazer like Optessa faces challenges. When their narrative tapestry demanded renewal, they sought a transformative partnership to reshape their content trajectory. Enter Epiic, the catalyst that reframed Optessa’s content journey, weaving a narrative of success and ingenuity.

John Buglino

Director of Sales and Marketing, Optessa.

We were able to generate more content in the first three months of our alignment than we had in the previous six months.

From Fragmented Content Creation to Streamlined Excellence

For Optessa, the challenge lay in the realm of content creation. Previously, their content development process was a blend of disjointed efforts, resulting in prolonged lead times, incomplete content pieces, and content lacking a unified voice. John Buglino, director of sales and marketing at Optessa, recalls the hurdles: “Previously, our team would create content by committee when time and schedules allowed. This would lead to extended lead times to generate content, partially finished content, and material created without an owner or publisher.” The need for an efficient, consistent, and professional approach to content creation was palpable.

In their pursuit of a freelancing solution and creative guidance, Optessa discovered Epiic through social networking and chose to take the leap. The company faced a multifaceted challenge: the demand for rapid, consistent content generation across diverse platforms, all within a budget.

Navigating the Waters of Content Creation

Collaboration between Optessa and Epiic commenced with a profound understanding of Optessa’s content-related pain points. Epiic’s approach was grounded in comprehending the starting point and scope of the challenge at hand. After defining the problem statement, Epiic laid out a strategic content plan tailored to Optessa’s requirements. John Buglino highlights, “The alignment between GAC and Optessa was a great match from the start.” The results of this alignment spoke volumes, as more content was generated in the first three months than in the preceding six months.

Epiic’s advantages proved to be a game-changer. Their quick turnaround time, the ability to select writers aligned with Optessa’s brand, and the provision for unlimited edits demonstrated their commitment to excellence.

A Symphony of Success

The impact of Optessa’s partnership with Epiic reverberated through tangible achievements. Over three dozen unique content pieces were created, shaping Optessa’s digital presence across their website and social media channels. The essence of Optessa’s identity was encapsulated in rewritten ‘About Us’ content, ranging from concise press releases to comprehensive trade association profiles.

The diversity in word counts and depth of detail was expertly managed by Epiic, ensuring a consistent tone and message. With unwavering confidence in Epiic’s capabilities, Optessa envisions a continued partnership that thrives on shared success.

John Buglino

Director of Sales and Marketing, Optessa.

Very satisfied with the results and have advocated for Epiic whenever I could.

A Future of Collaboration: Trusting Epiic’s Expertise

In a world where content is the currency of communication, Optessa’s experience with Epiic underscores the significance of tailored, impactful content creation. The marriage of Optessa’s expertise and Epiic’s proficiency led to content that resonated, engaged, and amplified Optessa’s brand.

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  • On-going or on-demand content: Choose what suits your needs at any time.

Join Optessa in the league of digital excellence. Elevate your content, brand,
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